ALR-TB 2000-3000

ALR-TB 2000-3000 retractable tail lift for trucks

ALR-TB 2000-3000 retractable tait lift for trucks with lowered tow hook, is a retractable hydraulic lift for trucks with a trailer. The ALR-TB 2000-3000 is designed for every single costumer, to be able to optimize the fastening area of the two hook, based on the techni­ca specifications of the chassis. Features use those of the ALR 2000. Available in model ALR-TB 2000 capacity 2000 KG. Availab/e with 1 folding and 2 folding platform.


  • Power unit with electrical valves with panel control 12v or 24v.
  • Aluminum platform with two or three reinforced stringers.
  • Foot contrai fitted onta the platform , radio contrai or hand contrai with spirai cable on request.
  • 4 cylinders (2 tilt cylinders and 2 lift cylinders).
  • Transla­tion on chrome guides electrical safety valves integra­teci on the cylinders.
  • Automatic hydraulic tilting at the ground.
  • Blinking lights and platform flags mounted onta the platform.
  • Manual roll stop.
  • High quality hydraulic cylinder with protection far the rods of cylinder.
  • Powder coating resistant 700 H in salt fog.
  • Centre of gravity mm600, on request 800mm.
  • Capacity: 2000-3000 Kg.
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ALR-TB 2000-3000 retractable tail lift for trucks

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